Yoga, a cyclist’s secret weapon

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We get it. Not everyone’s a human pretzel. So we’ve brought in yoga expert, Jim Harrington, to simplify yoga into three amazing classes. Stretch out, chill out, or get a little out of breath in one of our brand new yoga classes: Calm, Align, or Strength.

Yoga’s one of those exercises that enhances your outdoor training, like cycling. Not only does it build your strength, but it improves your flexibility and endurance, which means longer, more comfortable rides. Can we get a “Yes, please”?!


Increases flexibility and improves balance / Builds strength and improves muscle tone / Releases stress and tension


Strength. This fast-paced, Vinyasa-style class flows from posture to posture in time with your breath, building strength while increasing your fitness, stamina, and flexibility.

Align. These slower, Iyengar-style classes use props like blankets, bolsters, bricks, and belts to balance your body and work your muscles on a much deeper level

Calm. These restorative, Yin-yoga-style classes blend breathing techniques with long-held postures using props to release tension and quieten your mind.

Give Yoga a go and put a little more power behind your every pedal. Find a Yoga class at your nearest Virgin Active.