Take your training up a gear with group classes

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Take your training up a gear with group classes

Swap the outdoors for the indoors and give your body an all-round workout.

Whether your thing is running or cycling, to really max your outdoor training you need to mix it up with some cross training. These workouts build strength, get you flexible and help you use muscles that don’t usually get out the starting blocks.

GRID – push, pull, lunge, bend, twist and squat your way to better, all-round fitness. This is one high intensity interval training class, designed to burn the most calories in the shortest amount of time. It will get you moving better, faster, easier and stronger than ever before.

RIDE – there’s nothing like sitting in a room full of fellow riders, music pumping loud and bodies being pushed to their limits, together, to motivate you to train. Our Ride classes will help you tone your entire body, while burning a huge amount of calories. They also help increase muscle endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

Love cycling? Try this.

SWIMMING – we love water, baby. What could be better than strength training and cardio in one? Plus, swimming helps you build a core of steel and increases your range of motion. If you have an injury, it also helps you keep in shape. Better yet, it’s the 5-star recovery workout for a hard ride or race.

YOGA – it’s not just for yogis. It’s for everyone. And perfect for cyclists. It improves strength, flexibility and endurance which means more comfortable and longer rides. ​

Love running? Try this.

INDOOR CYCLING – leave the road for the saddle. Hop on an indoor training bike. Warm up on low. Stand up on the pedals for quick bursts of high power pedalling. Rest in between. Do this for 15 minutes a couple of times a week and see how much faster you run.

YOGA – regular running can make you tight around your hip flexors. Don’t stress. Head over to a Virgin Active yoga class. Stretching opens up the hips and helps reduce the tightness. You’ll feel, ohm, so much more connected with your breath, which helps with efficient running. Added bonus? More flexibility. More conditioned. More bend = more zen.

Add more oomph to your outdoor training. Get some indoor workouts under your belt at Virgin Active. We’ll help you go there. Find your nearest club at: www.virginactive.co.za