Physiotherapist: Let’s Get Physio

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Need hands-on help with an injury or a niggle that just won’t go away? You’ve come to the right place.

Sometimes we just need that extra pair of hands to help our bodies heal and perform at their best. A physiotherapist is a health professional who assesses, treats and manages a wide variety of physical conditions. These can be orthopaedic, neurological, respiratory, thoracic, cardiovascular, obstetric, paediatric or geriatric in nature. Expect massaging, acupressure, electrotherapy, joint and nerve mobilisation, taping and the prescribing of rehabilitative exercises. 

What can a physiotherapist help you with?

Diagnosing movement disorders

Assessing, diagnosing and treating movement disorders including acute or chronic sports injuries and repetitive strain injuries.

Treatment of movement disorders

Speeding up recovery and return to sports following injury and/or surgery.

Restoring normal function

Minimising dysfunction in both children and adults caused by injury, pain, stiffness and/or weakness.

For more info, talk to your in-club physiotherapist or book an appointment with reception.