Get mean. Get lean. Get on the Grid.

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Want to burn 500 calories in 30 minutes? Want to move your whole body better on the bike? Right this way.

Ask any pro cyclist and they’ll tell you. To give your body its best chance at optimal performance on the saddle, you need to give it a variety of workouts off the saddle. The Grid is just the thing for that: six primal movements – push, pull, lunge, bend, twist and squat – dished up in a high intensity interval training class.
Include some Grid classes in your preparation for the Absa Cape Epic or any other endurance event and you’ll get fitter, leaner and more flexible.

Why’s the Grid good for me?

  • Burns an incredible number of calories in the shortest possible time
  • Improves proprioception, co-ordination and balance
  • Creates a leaner, meaner, fitter and more flexible body in just 30 minutes

Expect a class that’s high in energy and intensity, using short bursts of movement to get you sweating hard. You’ll discover new ways of using some of our equipment and, even better, you’ll discover just how much better your body can move. It’s fun and over before you know it.

Check out our timetables and get on the Grid today!