Frequently Asked Questions

Which activities are included?

Only outdoor cycling activities recorded on a tracking device (e.g. Smartphone or GPS) or indoor activities on a power based trainer (e.g. WattBike) will be counted. No manually input Strava activities or non-power based indoor trainer rides will be included.

Any activities marked as “Private” will also not be included.

Do both partners have to complete all the challenges?

No, only the main entrant needs to complete all 4 challenges to enter the lucky draw.

What period is the competition running over?

The competition runs from 2 October 2017 until Tuesday, 26 November 2017.

What do I have to do to win an Absa Cape Epic entry?

You’ll need to complete all four challenges within the defined time periods. If you complete all four challenges you’ll be entered into the draw to win one of the two Absa Cape Epic entries.

How do the challenges work?

Each of the three challenges covers a two week block. Within each challenge window you’ll need to complete the rides as required and ensure that these are recorded on your Strava profile.

With Challenge 4, you will need to be a Virgin Active Member and it requires you book a group exercise class through the Virgin Active app or on; and attend the class. All group exercise classes will be bookable up to 50% capacity and it will exclude all functional group class on the gym floor (ie express abs, base etc). Manual books will not be included in this challenge.

Challenge 4, I have booked and attended a Virgin Active Group Exercise class but it has not reflected?

There will be a lag of up to 7 days as this is not real time data.

Are all my Strava activities included?

Only cycling activities that are not marked as “Private” in Strava will be included. Any manually input or stationary trainer activities will be excluded as these figures cannot be verified.

How will you monitor strava, isn’t it quite easy to cheat?

In addition to the measures above we will verify the activities of the selected winners before finalising the results.

If I join this competition late will it pick up my previous rides?

Yes, all past activities which meet the criteria outlined will be automatically imported even if you join up after the challenge has started. However, you will need to sign up prior to the competition closing date.